The Department of Justice recently took the extraordinary step of releasing a previously confidential memo from its Office of Legal Counsel concluding that DEA’s long-standing policy on marijuana research violates federal law and U.S. treaty obligations. Why did DOJ do this? What does the memo mean for the future of marijuana research? In this podcast, Matt Zorn and Shane Pennington, the lawyers who litigated this case, explain how they got DOJ to release the memo and what it all means. Global Cannabis Compliance Podcast · Podcast Episode 5

Adam Schleifer is a candidate for Congress in New York’s 17th congressional district. He previously worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles where he prosecuted violent drug cartels. In this podcast, he talks about why he believes that federal legalization of marijuana would be an effective means of combating drug cartels. Please join us for a fascinating discussion. Global Cannabis Compliance Podcast · Episode 4 – Legalization as a strategy to combat drug cartels?

This podcast features Steve Kemmerling, founder and CEO of CRB Monitor, a database that aggregates and maintains corporate information on 37,000 direct marijuana-related businesses, 68,000 marijuana business licenses and 68,000 beneficial owners, which is used by financial institutions for KYC and compliance purposes. In the podcast, Steve talks about what the data show about how the industry has evolved, where it may be going, and the banking challenges it faces. Steve also talks about the system he developed to help financial institutions rank the risks associated with different kinds of cannabis businesses and how the COVID crisis has impacted the industry.

Robert Mikos is one of the nation’s leading experts on federalism and drug law. His most recent scholarship analyzes the struggle among federal, state, and local governments for control of marijuana law and policy, which includes a first-of-its-kind casebook, Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority. In this podcast, he discusses the intersection of federal and state cannabis law, the prospects for federal reform, the SAFE Banking Act and other hot topics in the field. Global Cannabis Compliance Podcast · Episode 2 – On Federalism and Drug Law

Welcome to the Global Cannabis Compliance Podcast Series. Because we have received so many requests from readers for more information about the topics we have been covering, we have decided to start a podcast series featuring in-depth discussions with experts. Like the blog, the podcast series will cover all aspects of cannabis compliance including existing laws and proposed legislation in various countries and U.S. states, significant court cases and judicial decisions, enforcement trends, and best practices in compliance. If you have any suggestions for podcast topics, please let us know. Episode 1 – On the Cannabis Industry in Africa Countries…