All the world is abuzz with the seemingly sweeping changes to cannabis policies in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Israel, Uraguay, Lesotho, Germany, and the United States. The cannabis industry in the U.S. alone is projected to be a multi-billion dollar industry and it is arguably just a toddler at this point. Recognizing the need to connect with other attorneys who advise cannabis businesses, a small group of lawyers formed the National Cannabis Bar Association (“NCBA”) in 2015. After rapid growth within the U.S. and upon the historic legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018, the National Cannabis Bar Association has evolved into the International Cannabis Bar Association (pronounced “In”-CBA)  in 2019. To kickoff the international efforts, the INCBA hosted mixers in Berlin and Tel Aviv in April 2019. Both events were well-attended and groundbreaking.

The INCBA serves as a hub for attorneys from all practice areas to connect for the benefit of our clients and to enrich our own knowledge of this exciting and fast-paced industry. The bar association hosts in-person networking events, conferences, and webinars. The website features a forum for practitioners to post questions and engage with each other on hot topics. The INCBA also has nine committees that address ethics to emerging issues to legislative guidance- each with a focus on building a stronger legal community of cannabis industry practitioners and protecting our esteemed profession. The foundation of our community building and professional support is our slate of in-person educational events, including our annual Cannabis Law Institute Conference. The schedule of the INCBA’s upcoming events can be found here.

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Katy M. Young is the President of the International Cannabis Bar Association and Managing Partner of Ad Astra Law Group, LLP in San Francisco, CA.